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The Power in a Smile

Whenever you’re feeling down or blue and can’t think of a single thing to smile about, smile anyway. You don’t even have to mean it, at first. Whatever it takes, force the corners of your mouth to turn up …use a couple of fingers (or toes), if you have to. Once those corners are slightly turned upward, just stay that way for a while. Before you know it, the reasons will come. They won’t be able to stay away – your smile becomes a powerful magnet, drawing one reason after another across your mind as you keep smiling. (You can take your fingers down now.)

There’s no rational reason for it, but it’s just a fact that we humans sometimes let ourselves become so overwhelmed by situations, problems and circumstances that we forget life is meant to be a happy experience. To get ourselves back on that path and into the mindset of being happy and enjoying our lives, we need to take a moment now and then to invite joy to come by for a visit. And now everyone who reads this will know the quickest and simplest way to do that is, simply, to smile.

Like most positive aspects we choose to adopt as we grow and expand into the ever more complicated beings we are continuously becoming, practicing will make this easier, particularly practicing at those times when we feel least like smiling. It’s my guess that if anyone began to practice this forced-smiling exercise when their mood needed a lift, they’d soon find that deliberately inviting happy thoughts into an otherwise gloomy day in this way will prove to be a more potent stress reliever and mood enhancer than the most powerful pharmaceutical concoction available from modern medicine. That’s my personal opinion and won’t hold true for everyone, of course. We are, after all, like snowflakes and fingerprints …no two or us are exactly alike.

The bottom line to all this smiling and rambling seems to me to be this: If I can manage even a little smile when my day’s not going so well, there’s more than a good chance joy will soon find me and all else will be forgotten. A simple little smile can be a most powerful thing, indeed.

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