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Learning to Heal

Adjunctive methods of healing are many. I am sharing with you ones that I have learned, and use over the years. Through the lens of my spiritual life, I journal, pray, meditate, let go, formulate a positive outlook, exercise, laugh, seek to live a blessing way, and give service.

Spirituality. There are many people who have rich spiritual lives and are not religious. What do you draw upon for strength and hope? Explore your spirituality. Perhaps your religious base is calling you to a new outlook? Research indicates that people who have spiritual/religious practice heal faster.

Journaling. Writing in your journal is an effective way of exploring your strengths and doubts, your growing edge and your blocks. Your journal is a good place to write the experience of meditating and praying. Keeping a journal is one way of communicating with yourself and with the Holy One. Journaling helps you to be receptive to healing.

Praying. When I was in need of healing from childhood trauma, I opened myself to the Lord’s Prayer. I whispered the words and phrases slowly, paused and waited. To my surprise, inspired words came to me that translated the prayer into new expressions. Research shows that prayer increases healing. There is no one way to pray. Pray your own prayers, and ask people to pray for you.

Meditation. I meditate on stories from the Bible and I also use guided meditation. In the sacred texts of your faith, what stories draw your attention? Use one of the stories and imagine the scene. Involve your senses. What does the scene sound like? What does it smell like? What does it look like? What does the air feel like? Pay attention to the characters, one by one. Put yourself in their place. What do you think? What do you say as that person? What do you do as that person? Write your experience in your journal. What insights do you have on healing?

Letting Go and Formulating a Positive Outlook. Healing involves letting go of negativity and poor beliefs about yourself. There is that saying, “Let go, and let God.” Let go negativity, and let God love you. Journaling is a good way of capturing your negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Write them down. For every negative thought or belief, reframe each into three positive beliefs or affirmations.

Exercise. Do what you enjoy or that which is doable. Research reveals that exercise releases brain endorphins that reduce anxiety and depression, very important for healing.

Laugh. Laughing releases endorphins, thereby reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. View DVD, old movies. Listen to audiotapes or read comedy.

A Life of Blessing. Explore what it means and how to bless yourself and others. Blessing is an important adjunct to healing.

Service. Giving service by volunteering creates blessing and positive culture. Giving service is a good opening to healing.

Learn to heal by learning healing ways. May you be blessed with joy and peace.

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