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Help, I Hate My Life! How to Change the Things You Don’t Like About Your Life

Do you have things in your life, people, situations, circumstances, that you hate? If so, you are not alone. Dissatisfaction and yearning are the human condition, it is the reason that the human race has evolved and thrived and also why so many people lead lives of quiet desperation.

But some people do seem to break out of the chains that bind most people to a life of frustration and unhappiness. What is it that they have or that they discover, that separates them from their fellow humans? The answer is that they don’t have anything that isn’t available to anyone else, they have just found answers to life’s problems and have an attitude that allows them to be happy and to accept gifts.

Each human being is made from the same mold of consciousness which consists of three separate parts. You, like every other person, including those who find happiness and success in life, have three parts. You have a subconscious mind that controls feelings and deep urges.

You have a conscious rational mind that makes daily decisions and also tries to rein in the urges when they put you in jeopardy or are not in keeping with societal norms. Most of the unrest, unhappiness, frustration that people feel is caused by the conflict between those two parts of the self.

Have you ever felt like doing something that was possibly dangerous or destructive, but knew you shouldn’t do it and therefore felt guilt or anxiety? That is a classic example of the struggle between the subconscious and conscious mind. If you can settle that dispute and learn to look into your subconscious mind, you can find the answer to why you want the things you want and also learn how to be happy and satisfied.

Finally, you have a higher self, a higher consciousness that connects you to the super conscious mind. It is your connection to the universal mind. Because it is connected to the source of all knowledge, it is possible to access that part of you and to get answers to life’s questions. It is also possible to use it to settle disputes between the other parts of you.

People who seem to be well adjusted and happy have often learned how to listen to their inner self and how to reconcile those different parts. Anyone can do it, with a little help. You may have heard someone say that all the answers you need are within you. That is true.

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