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Finally, A Tips Wiki

After many forums with people adding their own tips and hints they have accumated

over their years, a tips wiki where users can add their tips and edit any tip to make

them better and more concise has finally been made.

Only fairly new, is there and waiting for users to

browse, add, improve, vote and comment on all their tips and those of others. In the

future this will prove a useful and entertaining resource for simple and effective tips

on the internet.

Such tips as

You can quickly remove that white stain that a toothbrushing cup (the cup you use

to rinse your mouth when you brush your teeth) gets by wiping the stains away with

a sheet of fabric softener. It really works! Just be sure to wash the cup thoroughly

before you use it again!

When washing your hands, rub your hands with a piece of stainless steel (stainless

steel spoon). It should get rid of the odour well and good.

Have proved very popular and many more tips are ready for editing and improving.

Many great features include a very useful and convinent top tips table which allow

direct access to the best of the best tips that have been developed by many users.

Tipped to be the next popular and useful site, is great

for browsing and entertainment.

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