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The Truth We Learn In the Dark

Truth is what we learn in the dark,

That only the light can teach us.

DARKNESS IS NO FOREIGN CONCEPT to any of us. Indeed, whether we wallow there away from the light or not is inconsequential. Our hearts are dark and we need the light every single day. Our only hope is light as it reveals the truth in the darkness. When we are in the darkness – an everyday occurrence, but not all the time – if we are humble, we can invite the light, and God will never despise such a request. Then, we will learn spiritual things.

God is present in the light through his living Spirit.


Now we come to a different slant on darkness as it attends us, not in the body, but by our circumstances – those set against us, whether we have contributed to them or not. The issues of cancer, grief, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, etc are well and truly in sight.

The theory is this: we learn little when life runs swimmingly, but, when we are placed in the darkness, if we don’t collapse in despondency, we will learn a great deal. We are refined by our craving the light in the darkness, as the light shines into the perspective of our situations; character faults that are identified by the Spirit of the living God are honed. Anyone who has endured such darkness will attest to the learning properties extant in the darkness against us when light beams through.

God is making well out of the things we are humbly submitting before him.

Somehow, in the darkness time, we are more readily teachable, but light is the key ingredient.


There is no point to suffering if light doesn’t make its way through, or if we reject the role of the light – which is often a proud rejection of suffering; detesting and resenting it.

There is no point getting bitter in the darkness. The darkness is not our enemy, but light is our friend; the only help that works.

In the darkness we are halfway to growth. Darkness is the input, but light is the completion for learning we need. Light reveals the folly of the darkness so we can see everything as it truly is. We see God in the darkness only because we see his light.


Truth is what we learn in the dark,

That only the light can teach us.

Darkness is the difficulties of life.

Light shows us the way through.

© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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