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Positive Effects of Nature on Our Wellbeing

The positive effects of nature on our wellbeing are so varied it is hard to find a good place start. When you step outside and smell new mown grass or the fresh air from a just passed rainstorm your whole body rejoices! The air we breathe is one of the most important parts of being outdoors and in nature because it brings in fresh oxygen and increases our alertness. Our brain works better when we spend a certain amount of time outdoors, The type of scenery is not important, for some it is the mountains and forest, others love the sand and sea. For every type of scenery existing in nature, there are fantastic benefits for us to enjoy with all of our senses.

We need the connection that being in nature renews for us on every level, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological areas need to be stimulated and being outdoors is good for us. A balance of activities and common sense should be included in the type of activity, for example, we need sunshine to give us vitamin D but staying outside too long in the hot summer sun can cause our skin to burn. So use some protection from the sun and stay out less, it doesn’t take very long for you to receive the benefit of the sunshine which can help with depression and mood swings.

Walking in parks or scenic areas is another way to incorporate the benefits of nature. The easiest exercise is walking and it is an easy way to ease into an exercise program. The positive effects of walking in nature are increase of blood flow and cardiovascular health and improvement of muscles strength and tone and improvement in breathing. When a person sits too much or is inactive, the muscle tone drops and impurities build up in the body. Activity is good for humans, it keeps the body working the way it was created to be.

We need to have a healthy balance in our lives of outside and inside activities. When we choose to make a difference in our lives by being out in nature, either in our yards or just walking around the neighborhood, our mind, mood and health improves. The positive changes resulting in being in nature can increase the quality and possibly length of our lives, more time to smell the fresh flowers, green grass and feel the waves moving the sand under your feet. So open the door, step outside and find out for yourself the benefits of interacting with nature-there is a whole beautiful world to see and experience!

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