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Nature – Connect to Its Healing Energy

Spending time in nature is the ultimate method to restore mind, body and spirit. The more you surround yourself with pranic energy (life force), the more aligned your spirit will be with your true self. Being in the presence of trees, grass, water and blue sky, takes you away from a hectic pace, and reunites you with your true connection to the universe. Spending time in a place that allows you to relax and heal yourself, you will be filled with the creative abundance that comes from connecting to the truest and deepest part of your being.

The Prana energy can be characterized as universal energy. Everyone has an energy field, commonly known as aura. We are electrical beings surrounded by our own electromagnetic energy field. Disease (dis-ease) is apparent in the energy field as an energetic disturbance before it is transmitted to the physical body.

When you seek refuge from the pressures of the outer world and retreat into the healing energy of nature, you will find that nature provides you with the restorative energy you need. Being surrounded by living things you will be reminded to remain true to yourself. Thus, you will regain the sense of harmony needed to connect with the deepest and purest part of your being.

There are many ways to connect with nature-hiking in the woods, walking in a park, working in your yard, being near a creek or waterfall. As your feet touch the ground, imagine Mother Earth’s energy coming up through your feet, traveling to every cell and tissue in your physical body and spirit. With each inhale and exhale, become more aware of the pranic energy, and the special ways in which this energy impacts your senses, inspires and heals you.

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